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From the Principal

Herne Hill Primary School values and demonstrates strong relationships across the whole school community. We welcome and celebrate the diversity within our school in an inclusive and empowering way. We acknowledge and celebrate that effective relationships are a vital precondition for positive learning experiences and strong academic outcomes.

As a learning community we are committed to offering quality learning across all areas of the curriculum with a focus on supporting all students in a personalised way. At Herne Hill Primary we have a shared vision of ‘High Expectations’ of all staff and students and this is demonstrated in everyday practice.

We acknowledge that ‘Happy Students Learn Best’, and offer a range of social and emotional learning experiences across the curriculum. We want all our students to be happy, confident and enjoy learning in a safe, supportive and inclusive culture. We want the quality learning programs at Herne Hill Primary school to support all students to become literate, numerate and curious citizens.

Herne Hill Primary School offers a comprehensive education program for all students, through high expectations, strong relationships and effective teaching and learning. Our quality staff support students to reach their full academic, social and emotional potential in a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

All students are exposed to a ‘well rounded’ curriculum and have the opportunity to achieve success in many different curriculum areas, depending on individual strengths and interests. We provide all students with the opportunity to excel in areas of strength and be supported in areas of development, through rich learning experiences and extra curricular activities.

Community, Parent and Student voice continue to be an important and valued element of the school’s processes, as we continually review and reflect upon the quality relational and educational priorities of the school.

Parents/guardians are welcome to come into our school or give our office a call to book in a personal tour of Herne Hill Primary School.

Shane Ezard, Principal 








Karla Gilbert,  Acting Assistant Principal